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Some more Dark Is Rising icons. Not many, but, well, here are the meager offerings. I'm not even bother going to use a cut.

More should be forthcoming as more comes out about the forthcoming travesty so-called "adaptation."

1 2 3
4 5 6

For those of you who are fans of the books and are just finding out about the movie, please allow me to ruin your innocence. For those of you who haven't read the books, please do! They're some of the best fantasy books out there.


Found within:
12 Pride & Prejudice (different versions)
10 Pirates of the Caribbean
08 Atonement (including one book cover)
10 Lord of the Rings
07 The Dark Is Rising (including some icons for nearly all book-adaptation occasions)
08 Miranda Otto
03 Hugh Laurie
06 Shakespeare
19 Keira Knightley
03 Easter (Yes, I'm a late bear)
01 London (only one, because I made it long ago and it was Left Out of other icon posts)
03 Headers (2 Jane Austen, 1 Artwork)

Hollywood is ruining my fondest childhood memories. How are yours faring?Collapse )

18 Lord of the Rings Icons
04 Jane Austen Movie Icons
05 Jane Austen Herself Icons


JRR and Jane. Yay for the J's!Collapse )

31 Lord of the Rings
06 The Dark Is Rising
07 Pirates of the Caribbean
20 Pride & Prejudice (2005)
02 Northanger Abbey (2007)
01 Pride & Prejudice (1995)
02 Mansfield Park (2007)
01 Sense & Sensibility
01 Robin Hood
01 Tristan & Isolde
01 Rome
01 An Ideal Husband
02 Mesmer
01 Brotherhood of the Wolf
01 Tuck Everlasting
03 Devil Wears Prada
03 The Holiday
02 Veronica Mars
12 Pretear
01 Audrey Tautou
01 Billie Piper
01 Johnny Depp
03 Ewan McGregor
02 Kate Winslet
01 Rachel Weisz
03 Evan Rachel Wood
04 Keri Russell
03 Vanessa Anne Hudgens
12 Miranda Otto
26 Keira Knightley

159 Icons? Here? Why, yes!Collapse )

Pimping fellowsh_stills, a community I mod for actors and actresses in the LOTR films. The current challenge has been running for roughly a month and no one has entered. The challenge is ANY actor in LOTR. They can even be premade icons.

If anyone wants to sign up and submit some icons, I'd be really grateful. We haven't had enough icons for voting since January or so.


10 Lord of the Rings icons
15 Pride & Prejudice (2005) icons
04 Pirates of the Caribbean icons
01 Emma
01 Becoming Jane
01 Mansfield Park
01 The Illusionist
01 Rome
02 Vintage photographs
04 Paintings
02 Northanger Abbey (2007) icons
20 Keira Knightley icons
08 Miranda Otto icons
02 Eric Dance
03 Kate Bosworth
01 Christina Aguilera
01 The Killers

Total: 77

01 Pride & Prejudice (2005) banner
02 Keira Knightley icons

Oh, HTML. You meanie.Collapse )


The covers of this book are too far apartCollapse )

These icons have been on my comp forever— they cover everywhere from last week to last year (seriously April of 2006 or so). You can see noticeable differences. Some icons are plainer than others, because I RP with some of these people as PBs (most notably Keira and Miranda — could you guess?). Anyway, enjoy.

023 Miranda Otto
077 Keira Knightley
050 Miscellaneous
004 Headers
150 Icons, 4 HeadersCollapse )

Right, the first post in amara_verite, formerly fire_icons. Hope you enjoy them! Credit and comments are equally appreciated and unnecessary.


Miscellaneous MoviesCollapse )

Also? Shamelessly pimping authorblog, which needs suggestions, tips, etc.

ResourcesCollapse )

If you see any mistakes/things I forgot to include, please just let me know. I've tried to credit everyone whose brushes or textures I even think I've used. If I missed you, please just let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

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